Why Are Camo Rings Becoming So Popular?

camo weddingEver since Duck Dynasty started airing in households worldwide in 2012, camo themed weddings and parties have been catching on like wildfire. Along with that, camo pattern wedding jewelry has become exceedingly popular as well.

Camo wedding rings are wedding rings with a beautiful camouflage pattern. These rings are beautifully crafted and wonderful to look at. Years ago, a patterned ring was unheard of and to give a ring with a camo pattern was unspeakable. For many reasons, those thoughts are gone and giving a camo ring during the wedding ceremony isn’t as uncommon as it used to be. Couples enjoy doing things their way and their way is leading to a surge in popularity for camo wedding rings.

With Love and Acceptance

loveThe norms of today’s society are much different than the norms of society 10 years ago. It’s much different and that is one of the reasons the popularity of camo rings have gone up. People in today’s society are more likely to go against cultural norms or tradition than people were before. When people thought of wedding rings years ago, they only thought of using gold, silver or platinum wedding bands. They didn’t think much of patterns being placed in wedding bands. They only thought of using diamonds and other stones.

People of today’s society use camo wedding rings for different reasons. One of the biggest reasons they are popular is because they represent a part of the person getting married. Everyone wants to be loved and accepted for who they are. Many of the people that are given camo rings are given them because of what it represents in their life. For those that just like the pattern, it’s a loving tribute to their preference. For those that are hunters, armed forces veterans and others that have an attachment to the pattern and colors enjoy being able to show their friends, family and others they are loved and accepted for who they are.

Standing Out, Loud and Proud

Love is something everyone wants. It’s something that people are proud to have. When people get married, they want to shout their love and commitment to the world. Their wedding ring is how they show others they are married without having to say a word. Those that have a unique wedding ring get a bit more attention than others because it stands out. Anyone with a camo wedding ring will stand out.

People have begun to associate the way a person feels about their spouse with the wedding ring on their finger. Traditionally, wedding rings were used to show that a woman or man was married and unavailable to entertain other people. Now these wedding rings have been associated with the esteem one has for their spouse. People that have beautifully unique wedding rings are thought to be well loved by their spouse and enjoy a beautiful relationship.

camo ringThere is nothing more beautiful than love. When people fall in love and get married, they enjoy being loved and accepted for who they are. Their wedding rings are a celebration and announcement of that love. Those that are given camo wedding rings enjoy their rings even more because their individuality is celebrated and embraced.

Is Tungsten a Superior Metal to Yellow or White Gold for Rings?

Finding the right wedding band and wedding ring is hard. There are tons of pieces to choose from and many more options when couples think of customizing their rings. One of the first things couples start to do is look at the material their wedding band is made of. Traditionally gold, white or yellow, is the material of choice. Many of today’s couples are choosing neither. They are choosing to have their wedding rings made of tungsten. As couples look at the two materials, they have to wonder which is better.

As people think about their wedding ring, they think about the meaning of their ring. They think about what their ring will do for them and why it’s important that they choose a ring that fits their commitment and love. Wedding rings are created to celebrate and announce the commitment that’s between the married couple. Couples want their wedding ring to look good and make a great impression on the public while representing the sacred vows they’ve taken. The choice of a wedding ring is serious business and couples don’t make their choice without a lot of thought.

White or Yellow: Traditional Gold

Gold, white or yellow, is the choice of wedding bands traditionally. This material has been used for many years but many couples don’t think about their choices when they think about their wedding band. They don’t understand what they are choosing beyond the looks of the wedding band.

The strength of gold isn’t comparable to some other materials. In order for couples to enjoy a gold wedding band, their wedding band has to be mixed with another material such as nickel. The mixing of materials happens because gold is a naturally soft material that won’t endure daily wearing if it’s pure gold.

Not only does the material have to be mixed, it doesn’t hold its shape and design well over time. After continuous wear, couples still want their rings to be just as impressive as it was the day it was given. Gold rings look worn over time and have to be reshaped. That isn’t something that couples know when they select their white or yellow gold wedding rings.

Brilliantly Shiny: Contemporary Tungsten

Tungsten is the new material on the jewelry circuit. This material is the second only to diamonds in terms of strength. As couples begin to look at tungsten wedding bands and rings, they notice the strength and durability of these bands. This is the perfect material for couples to choose when they think of the strength of their marriage. It’s the perfect representative.

Tungsten wedding bands hold their shape well because of the strength of the material. It doesn’t lose the beautiful designs that couples enjoyed when the rings were selected. These are things couples should look for when picking their rings.

Wedding rings are picked to be representative of the marriage. Couples want them to last for a lifetime while holding their beauty. Gold can’t deliver that as beautifully as tungsten can.

My Tungsten Ring Care Guide

Getting jewelry is exciting. When that piece of jewelry is a wedding ring, the excitement level is something that can’t be contained. Wedding rings are wonderful to look at and something everyone wants to care for. They don’t want any damage, dirt or anything else to find a home on their ring so they make sure to properly care for it. Those that have a tungsten wedding ring find they have an easier time cleaning their ring than their married friends with rings made of other materials.

Tungsten is a material that has skyrocketed to popularity because of its strength and durability. Nobody wants a wedding ring that is subject to break, shatter or crack. They don’t want to ever feel the pain of having their wedding ring replaced because it lost its shape. Tungsten is the answer to their dreams and most people want to take care of their rings.

Care is Quick, Simple and Easy

When it’s time to care for a tungsten band, there are different ways to do it. There are different cleaning methods for different dirty situations.

For those that want to sit and clean their tungsten wedding rings with a solution, it’s simple to make. The solution can be made from warm water and a few drops of very mild hand soap. The chemical composition of the hand soap works well with the chemical composition of tungsten. After using a soft cloth to wash the outside of the ring, use a soft toothbrush to clean the grooves of the ring. After cleaning the ring, rinse under warm water and dry with a soft, clean cloth. That can be done as much as necessary because the cleaning solution is easy on the ring and hands.

Keep It Pretty

There are times that sitting down with a bowl of cleaning solution and towels isn’t possible. When those times happen, cleaning is still very simple to do.

If the oil is coated with oil, lotion or other substances, water won’t get it off sufficiently. When this happens, people can dampen a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol and wipe the material off with ease. The alcohol won’t damage the ring or break down the material.

Everyone wants to wear their ring all day, every day. They can’t imagine any reason that’s good enough to take their wedding ring off. There are times that people may want to take their tungsten ring off to avoid damaging their ring. While there are very few things that can damage tungsten, over exposure to harsh chemicals such as bleach, ammonia and other cleaners can actually cause a negative reaction. The chemical makeup of tungsten may not be suitable for exposure to those materials.

The care tungsten wedding bands require makes it even more attractive to couples. There is no need for expensive treatments or machines to clean them. These beautiful wedding rings are easy to maintain. With an occasional cleaning in warm water and mild soap, the beautiful shine will never fade.

Tungsten Rings: The Benefits & Scientific Facts

A fine gray powder in its simplest form, tungsten carbide is a chemical compound comprised of equal parts carbon atom and tungsten. Discovered in 1783, tungsten is also known as “wolfram” thanks to its “W” chemical symbol. When pressed tungsten is used to create a number of products, including jewelry. If considering commissioning wedding bands made of tungsten but can’t seem to make a decision, check out the following pros of utilizing this metal:


Tungsten is an incredibly hard metal. Denser than both steel and titanium, tungsten features a Mohs scale rating of 8 or 9. Titanium, in comparison, rates 6.5 on the Mohs scale, with silver, gold and platinum rating between 2 and 4. Tungsten is 10 times harder than gold! Comparable in hardness to sapphires and rubies, tungsten’s durability is virtually unmatched and therefore serves as an excellent metal option for wedding rings. The Mohs scale test for hardness includes scratch-ability, as it’s practically impossible to scratch this amazing metal.


Unlike other band options, tungsten wedding rings do not require polishing, rather the original polish lasts as long as the ring does! A tungsten ring does not dull, nor will it dent, bend or scratch as time goes on. Each ring is polished using diamond abrasives and polycrystalline diamond tools, resulting in long-lasting shine and luster.

Allergic Reactions

Softer metals such as gold and silver cause allergic reactions in some people. A much harder metal, wearing tungsten jewelry will not cause allergic reactions due to the nickel-binder alloy it’s made with.


Tungsten wedding rings start at under $100, with higher end tungsten rings costing about $200. In comparison, gold wedding bands usually cost over $100, and those are the cheaper pieces! Shopping for tungsten rings online is recommended to obtain the best prices.


Rings made from tungsten are available in a wide variety of shapes, such as small, lighter options and large, extra-wide pieces. Variety is important when shopping for wedding bands, and tungsten offers no shortage of possibilities.


In addition to incredible durability and a polished appearance, tungsten wedding rings are very comfortable, and ideal for daily wear. Because they do not dull or scratch, it’s possible to wear tungsten rings no matter what activity is taking place, such as bathing or washing dishes. Water won’t affect the appearance of tungsten rings the way it does other metals.


The only metal capable of “permanent” polishing, tungsten wedding rings represent commitment, as they last longer than any of their counterparts! Keep in mind that “pure” tungsten rings do not exist, and you’ll want to look for those featuring quality grade. Any ring advertised as “100% tungsten” is more or less a steel ring, and while steel options are hard, they are not scratch-proof.

Browse tungsten wedding ring options today and find the polished, durable, scratch-resistant option you’re looking for! Enjoy presenting your significant other with a tungsten ring and know what it symbolizes–that your union will last forever.

My Tungsten Ring Buyers Guide

Wedding rings are a symbol of commitment and everlasting love. They are meant to represent the lifetime commitment that’s being made. Needless to say, these rings are very important and have a meaning that only the couple will understand. The choice of these rings is very important. More and more people are choosing to use wedding rings made of tungsten now than in the past.

Tungsten is a material that’s durable and beautiful to look at. This material is very strong; it’s been used to make many things because of its strength. It’s only recently that people have begun to see that it’s a beautiful choice for wedding rings. It’s a logical choice considering the meaning of the vows being made and what wedding rings actually represent.

Its Strength and Beauty

To be technical, tungsten has a density that is very similar to gold. The weight of it isn’t much more than gold but the melting point of tungsten is much higher than gold. It’s a harder material and is able to stand up to the wear and tear people put on their wedding rings. These rings are worn every day and they will be exposed to different things. The tungsten material is able to withstand the exposure and keep its shape.

Not only is this material strong enough to keep its shape, it’s able to withstand the scrapes and other damage that may come to wedding rings. Everyone wants to keep their wedding ring as beautiful as possible. They don’t want to wear a ring they are afraid of and tungsten takes that fear away.

It’s Safe and Healthy

A number of people in today’s world are becoming sensitive to many things. They aren’t able to be touched by or be exposed to different materials because of their allergies. When people with metal allergies are looking to get married, they have to look for something that is hypoallergenic. Tungsten is one of the few metals that are hypoallergenic. Tungsten can be shaped and molded into beautiful wedding rings like other traditionally used metals are. With the use of tungsten, people with metal allergies aren’t denied the pleasure of having a beautiful wedding band.

Not only does tungsten give those that are allergic to different metals the opportunity to have a beautiful wedding ring, it’s safer to use than other metals. Everyone wants their wedding rings to last forever so they choose metals that are known for their strength. There are times that wedding rings have to be removed and some materials are harder to remove than others, resulting in injuries because they aren’t able to be removed. If there is an instance that a tungsten wedding band has to be removed, its strength won’t stop that from happening. These wedding bands prove that love won’t hurt.

The hypoallergenic properties combined with the strength of the band make it an easy choice for people. The beautiful rings crafted from tungsten materials make it an easy choice for couples looking for perfection.

tungsten ringThere are dozens (possibly hundreds) of brands of tungsten rings available, but not all are created equal. Most of the cheap stuff you see on eBay & Amazon is watered down and won’t last more than a year or two. And on the flip-side, some brands are marked up hundreds of dollars but aren’t any better than the moderately priced rings. My personal favorite brands are ZILO & ZEUS – both of which are available here. The rings manufactured by these companies are made of 100% pure high quality metal, none of that watered down stuff. I’ve held rings by both of these companies in one hand and similarly priced rings from another manufacturer in another, and both the ZEUS & ZILO rings were significantly heavier. The fact that lifetime warrantees are offered by both brand manufacturers should say a lot about the quality!

The Wooden Jewelry Craze

The Wooden Jewelry Craze is Here to Stay!

wooden sunglassesIt seems like you can get almost any accessory as wood these days. If you browse browse Etsy, you are likely to see wooden pendants, wooden sunglasses, wooden rings and even wooden watches. There are thousands of wooden items available to purchase, and many of them are hand-crafted. What’s the deal with all this fancy wood?

Believe it or not, wood is a great sustainable material to use for accessories. First of all, it regenerates over time. Forests grow back in about thirty years or so. But the truly eco-minded prefer to avoid cutting down trees in the first place, if possible. Thankfully, there is a lot of excess wood available to make into unique accessories. When trees are cut down for furniture or other large wooden pieces, there are lots of small “leftovers.” These little pieces of wood are useless for larger projects. In the past, these small pieces were burned. But now, artists are taking these smaller wood pieces and making jewelry and other accessories. Even though wood accessories are everywhere, much of the wood is technically re-purposed. Artists are not necessarily having more trees cut down in order to make their wooden watches and sunglasses. Some companies even offer to plant a tree for each accessory sold (like Tentree). More sales equal more forests!

treesWith these facts in mind, people can feel good about wooden accessories. Unlike the energy-intensive process of making plastics, wood grows naturally and without human supervision. The main energy source for wood is sunlight. Technically, wooden accessories are created using solar power!  Also, many wooden products are hand-crafted, rather than made in the factory. Some local artisan has labored over the piece for days. People can support local artists through purchasing wooden accessories. Not only eco-friendly, wooden accessories also create skilled jobs. Although wooden accessories are often a bit more expensive than their plastic counterparts, buyers can feel better about the ethics and environmentalism behind their new wooden accessories.

wood patternWood accessories are probably here to stay. Unlike other fashion trends, which come and go, wood makes sense. It comes with a beautiful pattern. Each piece of jewelry is unique; the wood’s own whorls add to the effect. Plus, wood falls squarely into the sustainable fashion category. It’s a resource that is renewed each day using the power of the sun. Buyers can feel good about the environment when they look at their new wooden watches.