My Tungsten Ring Buyers Guide

Wedding rings are a symbol of commitment and everlasting love. They are meant to represent the lifetime commitment that’s being made. Needless to say, these rings are very important and have a meaning that only the couple will understand. The choice of these rings is very important. More and more people are choosing to use wedding rings made of tungsten now than in the past.

Tungsten is a material that’s durable and beautiful to look at. This material is very strong; it’s been used to make many things because of its strength. It’s only recently that people have begun to see that it’s a beautiful choice for wedding rings. It’s a logical choice considering the meaning of the vows being made and what wedding rings actually represent.

Its Strength and Beauty

To be technical, tungsten has a density that is very similar to gold. The weight of it isn’t much more than gold but the melting point of tungsten is much higher than gold. It’s a harder material and is able to stand up to the wear and tear people put on their wedding rings. These rings are worn every day and they will be exposed to different things. The tungsten material is able to withstand the exposure and keep its shape.

Not only is this material strong enough to keep its shape, it’s able to withstand the scrapes and other damage that may come to wedding rings. Everyone wants to keep their wedding ring as beautiful as possible. They don’t want to wear a ring they are afraid of and tungsten takes that fear away.

It’s Safe and Healthy

A number of people in today’s world are becoming sensitive to many things. They aren’t able to be touched by or be exposed to different materials because of their allergies. When people with metal allergies are looking to get married, they have to look for something that is hypoallergenic. Tungsten is one of the few metals that are hypoallergenic. Tungsten can be shaped and molded into beautiful wedding rings like other traditionally used metals are. With the use of tungsten, people with metal allergies aren’t denied the pleasure of having a beautiful wedding band.

Not only does tungsten give those that are allergic to different metals the opportunity to have a beautiful wedding ring, it’s safer to use than other metals. Everyone wants their wedding rings to last forever so they choose metals that are known for their strength. There are times that wedding rings have to be removed and some materials are harder to remove than others, resulting in injuries because they aren’t able to be removed. If there is an instance that a tungsten wedding band has to be removed, its strength won’t stop that from happening. These wedding bands prove that love won’t hurt.

The hypoallergenic properties combined with the strength of the band make it an easy choice for people. The beautiful rings crafted from tungsten materials make it an easy choice for couples looking for perfection.

tungsten ringThere are dozens (possibly hundreds) of brands of tungsten rings available, but not all are created equal. Most of the cheap stuff you see on eBay & Amazon is watered down and won’t last more than a year or two. And on the flip-side, some brands are marked up hundreds of dollars but aren’t any better than the moderately priced rings. My personal favorite brands are ZILO & ZEUS – both of which are available here. The rings manufactured by these companies are made of 100% pure high quality metal, none of that watered down stuff. I’ve held rings by both of these companies in one hand and similarly priced rings from another manufacturer in another, and both the ZEUS & ZILO rings were significantly heavier. The fact that lifetime warrantees are offered by both brand manufacturers should say a lot about the quality!