Why Are Camo Rings Becoming So Popular?

duck dynasty

camo weddingEver since Duck Dynasty started airing in households worldwide in 2012, camo themed weddings and parties have been catching on like wildfire. Along with that, camo pattern wedding jewelry has become exceedingly popular as well.

Camo wedding rings are wedding rings with a beautiful camouflage pattern. These rings are beautifully crafted and wonderful to look at. Years ago, a patterned ring was unheard of and to give a ring with a camo pattern was unspeakable. For many reasons, those thoughts are gone and giving a camo ring during the wedding ceremony isn’t as uncommon as it used to be. Couples enjoy doing things their way and their way is leading to a surge in popularity for camo wedding rings.

With Love and Acceptance

loveThe norms of today’s society are much different than the norms of society 10 years ago. It’s much different and that is one of the reasons the popularity of camo rings have gone up. People in today’s society are more likely to go against cultural norms or tradition than people were before. When people thought of wedding rings years ago, they only thought of using gold, silver or platinum wedding bands. They didn’t think much of patterns being placed in wedding bands. They only thought of using diamonds and other stones.

People of today’s society use camo wedding rings for different reasons. One of the biggest reasons they are popular is because they represent a part of the person getting married. Everyone wants to be loved and accepted for who they are. Many of the people that are given camo rings are given them because of what it represents in their life. For those that just like the pattern, it’s a loving tribute to their preference. For those that are hunters, armed forces veterans and others that have an attachment to the pattern and colors enjoy being able to show their friends, family and others they are loved and accepted for who they are.

Standing Out, Loud and Proud

Love is something everyone wants. It’s something that people are proud to have. When people get married, they want to shout their love and commitment to the world. Their wedding ring is how they show others they are married without having to say a word. Those that have a unique wedding ring get a bit more attention than others because it stands out. Anyone with a camo wedding ring will stand out.

People have begun to associate the way a person feels about their spouse with the wedding ring on their finger. Traditionally, wedding rings were used to show that a woman or man was married and unavailable to entertain other people. Now these wedding rings have been associated with the esteem one has for their spouse. People that have beautifully unique wedding rings are thought to be well loved by their spouse and enjoy a beautiful relationship.

camo ringThere is nothing more beautiful than love. When people fall in love and get married, they enjoy being loved and accepted for who they are. Their wedding rings are a celebration and announcement of that love. Those that are given camo wedding rings enjoy their rings even more because their individuality is celebrated and embraced.