The Wooden Jewelry Craze

wooden jewelry

The Wooden Jewelry Craze is Here to Stay!

wooden sunglassesIt seems like you can get almost any accessory as wood these days. If you browse browse Etsy, you are likely to see wooden pendants, wooden sunglasses, wooden rings and even wooden watches. There are thousands of wooden items available to purchase, and many of them are hand-crafted. What’s the deal with all this fancy wood?

Believe it or not, wood is a great sustainable material to use for accessories. First of all, it regenerates over time. Forests grow back in about thirty years or so. But the truly eco-minded prefer to avoid cutting down trees in the first place, if possible. Thankfully, there is a lot of excess wood available to make into unique accessories. When trees are cut down for furniture or other large wooden pieces, there are lots of small “leftovers.” These little pieces of wood are useless for larger projects. In the past, these small pieces were burned. But now, artists are taking these smaller wood pieces and making jewelry and other accessories. Even though wood accessories are everywhere, much of the wood is technically re-purposed. Artists are not necessarily having more trees cut down in order to make their wooden watches and sunglasses. Some companies even offer to plant a tree for each accessory sold (like Tentree). More sales equal more forests!

treesWith these facts in mind, people can feel good about wooden accessories. Unlike the energy-intensive process of making plastics, wood grows naturally and without human supervision. The main energy source for wood is sunlight. Technically, wooden accessories are created using solar power!  Also, many wooden products are hand-crafted, rather than made in the factory. Some local artisan has labored over the piece for days. People can support local artists through purchasing wooden accessories. Not only eco-friendly, wooden accessories also create skilled jobs. Although wooden accessories are often a bit more expensive than their plastic counterparts, buyers can feel better about the ethics and environmentalism behind their new wooden accessories.

wood patternWood accessories are probably here to stay. Unlike other fashion trends, which come and go, wood makes sense. It comes with a beautiful pattern. Each piece of jewelry is unique; the wood’s own whorls add to the effect. Plus, wood falls squarely into the sustainable fashion category. It’s a resource that is renewed each day using the power of the sun. Buyers can feel good about the environment when they look at their new wooden watches.