Tungsten Rings: The Benefits & Scientific Facts

A fine gray powder in its simplest form, tungsten carbide is a chemical compound comprised of equal parts carbon atom and tungsten. Discovered in 1783, tungsten is also known as “wolfram” thanks to its “W” chemical symbol. When pressed tungsten is used to create a number of products, including jewelry. If considering commissioning wedding bands made of tungsten but can’t seem to make a decision, check out the following pros of utilizing this metal:


Tungsten is an incredibly hard metal. Denser than both steel and titanium, tungsten features a Mohs scale rating of 8 or 9. Titanium, in comparison, rates 6.5 on the Mohs scale, with silver, gold and platinum rating between 2 and 4. Tungsten is 10 times harder than gold! Comparable in hardness to sapphires and rubies, tungsten’s durability is virtually unmatched and therefore serves as an excellent metal option for wedding rings. The Mohs scale test for hardness includes scratch-ability, as it’s practically impossible to scratch this amazing metal.


Unlike other band options, tungsten wedding rings do not require polishing, rather the original polish lasts as long as the ring does! A tungsten ring does not dull, nor will it dent, bend or scratch as time goes on. Each ring is polished using diamond abrasives and polycrystalline diamond tools, resulting in long-lasting shine and luster.

Allergic Reactions

Softer metals such as gold and silver cause allergic reactions in some people. A much harder metal, wearing tungsten jewelry will not cause allergic reactions due to the nickel-binder alloy it’s made with.


Tungsten wedding rings start at under $100, with higher end tungsten rings costing about $200. In comparison, gold wedding bands usually cost over $100, and those are the cheaper pieces! Shopping for tungsten rings online is recommended to obtain the best prices.


Rings made from tungsten are available in a wide variety of shapes, such as small, lighter options and large, extra-wide pieces. Variety is important when shopping for wedding bands, and tungsten offers no shortage of possibilities.


In addition to incredible durability and a polished appearance, tungsten wedding rings are very comfortable, and ideal for daily wear. Because they do not dull or scratch, it’s possible to wear tungsten rings no matter what activity is taking place, such as bathing or washing dishes. Water won’t affect the appearance of tungsten rings the way it does other metals.


The only metal capable of “permanent” polishing, tungsten wedding rings represent commitment, as they last longer than any of their counterparts! Keep in mind that “pure” tungsten rings do not exist, and you’ll want to look for those featuring quality grade. Any ring advertised as “100% tungsten” is more or less a steel ring, and while steel options are hard, they are not scratch-proof.

Browse tungsten wedding ring options today and find the polished, durable, scratch-resistant option you’re looking for! Enjoy presenting your significant other with a tungsten ring and know what it symbolizes–that your union will last forever.