Is Tungsten a Superior Metal to Yellow or White Gold for Rings?

Finding the right wedding band and wedding ring is hard. There are tons of pieces to choose from and many more options when couples think of customizing their rings. One of the first things couples start to do is look at the material their wedding band is made of. Traditionally gold, white or yellow, is the material of choice. Many of today’s couples are choosing neither. They are choosing to have their wedding rings made of tungsten. As couples look at the two materials, they have to wonder which is better.

As people think about their wedding ring, they think about the meaning of their ring. They think about what their ring will do for them and why it’s important that they choose a ring that fits their commitment and love. Wedding rings are created to celebrate and announce the commitment that’s between the married couple. Couples want their wedding ring to look good and make a great impression on the public while representing the sacred vows they’ve taken. The choice of a wedding ring is serious business and couples don’t make their choice without a lot of thought.

White or Yellow: Traditional Gold

Gold, white or yellow, is the choice of wedding bands traditionally. This material has been used for many years but many couples don’t think about their choices when they think about their wedding band. They don’t understand what they are choosing beyond the looks of the wedding band.

The strength of gold isn’t comparable to some other materials. In order for couples to enjoy a gold wedding band, their wedding band has to be mixed with another material such as nickel. The mixing of materials happens because gold is a naturally soft material that won’t endure daily wearing if it’s pure gold.

Not only does the material have to be mixed, it doesn’t hold its shape and design well over time. After continuous wear, couples still want their rings to be just as impressive as it was the day it was given. Gold rings look worn over time and have to be reshaped. That isn’t something that couples know when they select their white or yellow gold wedding rings.

Brilliantly Shiny: Contemporary Tungsten

Tungsten is the new material on the jewelry circuit. This material is the second only to diamonds in terms of strength. As couples begin to look at tungsten wedding bands and rings, they notice the strength and durability of these bands. This is the perfect material for couples to choose when they think of the strength of their marriage. It’s the perfect representative.

Tungsten wedding bands hold their shape well because of the strength of the material. It doesn’t lose the beautiful designs that couples enjoyed when the rings were selected. These are things couples should look for when picking their rings.

Wedding rings are picked to be representative of the marriage. Couples want them to last for a lifetime while holding their beauty. Gold can’t deliver that as beautifully as tungsten can.