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iCamo Bighorn Men's Tungsten Camo Wedding Ring
iCamo Bighorn Men's Tungsten Camo Wedding Ring

iCamo Bighorn Men's Tungsten Camo Wedding Ring

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  • Material: Tungsten Carbide with Camo Inlay
  • Width: 8mm
  • Size Options: Available in half-sizes from 8.0 to 12.0 (US)
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Stylized jungle camouflage inlay and the brilliant buttery high polish on the tungsten carbide that surrounds it make iCamo's Bighorn Tungsten Camo Ring a real show stopper. The expertly beveled edges and super smooth interior finish make this nearly indestructible ring great looking and amazingly comfortable to wear. Because your wedding band is a ring you don't ever want to take off, it's important to get one that can stand up to your life. That's why so many couples today are choosing tungsten carbide as their wedding jewelry metal. They know that it is the perfect symbol of their love and commitment. Designed to last a lifetime and beyond, every element of this ring from the indestructible band of tungsten, and the super strong carbon fiber camo inlay that's been covered with crystal clear, super tough, jewelry grade resin, you can rest assured that your ring can be worn and your love can be shown no matter what activity you're enjoying at the time. With its unsurpassed scratch and dent resistance, your tungsten ring can go with you whether you're presenting at an important meeting, or you're out field dressing your latest deer. A favorite of those couples in the military, this amazing ring shows both their love and commitment to each other and to their military service. Available in all half sizes from eight to twelve this ring makes a bold statement in its eight millimeter width. Ideal for him and completely appropriate for her, this is an excellent choice for matching bands.