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iCamo Lolo Women's Tungsten Camo Wedding Ring
iCamo Lolo Women's Tungsten Camo Wedding Ring

iCamo Lolo Women's Tungsten Camo Wedding Ring

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  • Material: Tungsten Carbide with Camo Inlay
  • Width: 6mm
  • Size Options: Available in half-sizes from 5.0 to 8.0 (US)
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Stunning lavenders and delicate browns make up the beautiful camouflage design of the inlay in this gorgeous Angelina Tungsten Camo Ring by iCamo. Looking like your favorite tree in autumn, the inlay design is developed using super strong carbon fiber that's been covered in a jewelry grade, crystal clear resin that won't chip or peel. Surrounded by tougher than steel, highly polished tungsten carbide, this ring is designed and built to last a lifetime and beyond. The highly polished interior and the expertly beveled edges make this six millimeter wide band incredibly comfortable to wear. Available in all half sizes from five to eight, this ring is just perfect for her. You'll love the way this eye catching ring combines both your love of the outdoors with the camouflage inlay, and your love and commitment to your spouse and your marriage. Tungsten carbide has become one of the most popular wedding jewelry metals today, not only for its beauty and affordability, but also because many people feel that its near indestructibility better represents their strong commitment to their marriage than softer traditional metals. Tungsten carbide is more scratch and dent resistant and won't bend out of shape the way softer metals like gold, silver or platinum will. No matter what activity you're performing, you can feel comfortable wearing your tungsten ring, because it's virtually indestructible. Now you can have a gorgeous, feminine wedding band, that's as tough and strong and as beautiful as you are.