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iCamo Ozark Women's Tungsten Camo Wedding Ring - Black
iCamo Ozark Women's Tungsten Camo Wedding Ring - Black

iCamo Ozark Women's Tungsten Camo Wedding Ring - Black

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  • Material: Tungsten Carbide with Camo Inlay
  • Width: 6mm
  • Size Options: Available in half-sizes from 8.0 to 12.0 (US)
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Our gorgeous iCamo Ozark Tungsten Camo Ring with its distinctive black finish is going to look great on your finger whether you're in the boardroom giving a high powered presentation, or out in the woods hunting with your friends. You get all the strength and durability of tungsten carbide with the cool and unique looks of our black plating that is so strong, you never have to worry about it chipping or peeling. The camo inlay is accomplished with super strong camouflage designed carbon fiber and a jewelry grade super strong and super clear resin that ensures it won't chip, peel or wear away. This amazingly rugged and awesomely beautiful ring is built to last a lifetime and beyond. Stunning in its dark beauty, you're going to love the expertly beveled edges and amazingly smooth high polished look and feel. The flat profile means that you'll never have to worry about catching in or having it get in your way as you go through your busy life. Available in all half sizes from eight to twelve, the substantial eight millimeter width makes it just perfect for him, and still appropriate for her if you're looking to create a matching wedding band set. If you are in the military, or you're out on the paintball course, or hunting in the woods, the dark black color of this ring and the camo inlay, means you'll never have to worry about a shine giving you away if stealth is your goal.